Alaya Trading FZE  

P.O.Box:39426, RAK - UAE

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Our Story

Alaya partners with brands to bring you 100% clean, non-toxic, ethically sourced beauty essentials so you can feel good about what’s going on your body and the planet it comes from.

Alaya translates to “exalted and elevated” in Arabic, which is how we believe women deserve to feel all day, every day. 

Founded in the UAE after a tireless search for safe, clean beauty products, our mission is to make clean, transparent beauty accessible and empowering to all women – and this is just the beginning.

                Our Founder 

Liza Tutunjian is the CEO and Founder of Alaya. Like many of you, Liza is a wife and mother, and like many of you, she wasn’t aware of the toxic chemicals found in her beauty products. With the personal care industry wildly unregulated in the world at large, Liza resorts to searching all around to find and build her a clean beauty routine. This significant experience makes her change a decade long career as an engineer to become a CIBTAC-certified beauty therapist with a new mission: Provide a healthy online retail alternative and become a catalyst to change the Middle East beauty industry.